Latest Novel

My newest release is the first of a planned two book series called Dragonblood Throne. The first book, Legacy, is now available in both digital and paperback formats.

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What's Coming

This year, I will be releasing two new novels. The first, Tamesa, is a fantasy tale that I am co-authoring with the fantastic Aaron-Michael Hall, who is a great fantasy author herself. I will later this year also be releasing my first science-fiction novel, Heart of the Valkyrie. Bookmark my site and keep an eye on the latest news for more about these coming novels.

My Books

I currently have four novels published that I believe you will find both entertaining and imaginative reading. Check out the books section of my site for more information about these books and where to find them.

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Guest Author at  JordanCon 2018

I'll be attending JordanCon this year in Atlanta, GA, as a guest author. I'll have a booth in the vendor room where I will be selling my books and signing them, as well as just getting to meet and chat with readers.

I'll be doing a book reading and attending two panel discussions with other authors. I hope you can come and visit.

JordanCon is in Atlanta, GA, April 20-22, 2018. You can find out more from their website,

Here is a link to an interview with the Dragonmount website, a Wheel of Time Community of Robert Jordan fans.