The Rangers of Laerean Series


"In my mind, this is equal to Lord of the Rings and similar epics with its sweeping vistas, countless battles. and the eternal struggle of good and evil." - Barbra Chioffi, on A Whisper In The Shadows

"The author does a fantastic job of bringing to life a world as real as our own ..." - A. A. Jankiewicz, on A Whisper In The Shadows

"The characters and the storyline are original and refreshing." - The Minter, on Where Shadows Fall

"... the ending left me breathless with anticipation." - K. Meador, on Where Shadows Fall


The Rangers of Laerean are the protectors of the people, the heroes of Hir. Their exploits are legendary and their great deeds recounted in tales across the ages. These are the stories that will be told for generations.


The Rangers of Laerean is a fantastic new series from the mind of Tom Fallwell. Heroic adventure of epic proportions, with plenty of action and magical creatures, rich lore and engaging characters. Learn more about this series, subscribe today and get acces to the Chronicles of Hir, absolutely free for members of the Readers & Fans of Tom Fallwell. Then get A Whisper In The Shadows and face the fantasy!


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