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A Whisper In The Shadows

The first book in a new series by Tom Fallwell.

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Many children of the civilized races of Hir, grow up hearing the legendary tales of the Rangers of Laerean. Many aspire to one day join that elite group of heroes, to live the adventures they have heard all their lives. Baric is one who now lives that childhood dream. A Vaar'da assassin needs help, and Baric agrees to help her find out the meaning of her nightmares, but he soon finds they are more than just dreams, and the mystery of her past holds the key to ending her tormenting visions. What they discover evolves into a threat to the entire world, a threat that could destroy everything, as they struggle to find the meaning of ... A Whisper In The Shadows.

A Whisper In The Shadows is the first book in a new series called the Rangers of Laerean. Tom Fallwell has created a fantastic new fantasy world, the Lands of Hir, in which reside the famed and heroic Rangers. Read about thier exploits, adventures and quests in this new series. A Whisper In The Shadows is the first book in this series, and also the first of a trilogy that centers around a Ranger named Baric, who is destined for great things.

A Whisper In The Shadows is available in print or digital form. Check out the Book Store for more information on how to purchase.

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A Whisper In The Shadows by Tom Fallwell

A Whisper In The Shadows

by Tom Fallwell

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