A Ripple of Fear by J.M. Northup

A Ripple of Fear (The Fears of Dakota #1)

It only takes a spark to ignite an inferno.

In a world where fears stem from catastrophes and terrorism, America faces its biggest challenge yet. Discord and apprehension are pushed to the extreme as ancient prophecies approach fruition.

The world Dakota lives in is becoming unrecognizable: doomsday preppers grow more prevalent while the government collapses. As tensions grow, so does the paranoia that drives the nation to a crossroads that will change history.

Dakota holds onto her hopes of a better tomorrow, but the thread of peace seems to unravel faster than it can be contained. What will become of her and the people she loves, when a spark ignites America into an inferno of fear?

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About the Author

J.M. Northup is an American author and partner of NORNS TRIAD PUBLICATIONS!

Julie writes in various genres, though she specializes in young adult fiction. Many of her stories blur the lines between multiple genres, including but not limited to Middle Grade, Dystopian, Suspense, thrillers, and romance.

An active promoter via her blog and social media pages, Julie spotlights various persons involved in the literary world. She provides readers with customized interviews, honest book reviews, and information regarding book promotions, giveaways, and events.

J.M. Northup is a native Minnesotan with a background in aviation, the medical field, gas & oil industry, databases, and business. She is happily married with a wealth of beautiful children and grandchildren.

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