Heart of the Valkyrie is my first science-fiction novel, and is currently a work-in-progress. I'm expecting to have it finished and released in early 2019. The idea for this novel came from my fascination with aspects of two different TV shows that didn't last long enough for me. The old west type setting of the TV series Firefly was one that I found fascinating, and truly loved that show, and the movie Serenity, that concluded the series. There was so much potential there, I thought, and I wish it had continued. Another influence was the living ship, Moya, in the TV series Farscape, which was also fascinating to me, and I felt that show had some great episodes revolving around the ship. But in Farscape, the crew was only able to communicate with Moya through the creature called Pilot.

I found both of these elements intriguing, and sat down to create a  science-fiction tale that incorporates both of them into an original story of my own. Thus, Heart of the Valkyrie was born. The story I'm creating involves the crew of a living ship called the Valkyrie, and the sudden addition of a small, thirteen-year-old girl named Sybille to the crew. The story also involves a race to find the lost planet of mankind's origin, Earth. With that said, I will say no more about the plot or story until more is completed, but I will introduce you to members of the crew of the ancient vessel called the Valkyrie.

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