Confessional by J.R. Pestel

Confessional: A Father Gunter, Demon Hunter Supernatural Thriller

Demon Hunters Johann Gunter and Robert Durling face a vengeful spirit—or so they think. In this twisted supernatural thriller, a demon uses a ghost as cover to try and achieve his goal.

Burning the remains of the corpse tied to the suspected vengeful spirit should solve the problem. But, when a third person dies after the demon hunters salt and burn the remains, they realize they are up against something much more foreboding and ominous. They are up against a demon.

The fight to exorcise the demon reaches fever pitch. It nearly costs one demon hunter his life—and the other must agree to the unspeakable to save him.

About the Author

I Began writing in early 2016. The first book I wrote was my novella “The Mons Connection.” I pretty much stumbled through the writing – editing – publishing process, and (admittedly) it was not very good. I finally rewrote and republished it about a year later, and am working on yet another rewrite now.

I started writing the “Father Gunter, Demon hunter” series in late 2016, and published the first book “The Bucktown Babies” in February 2017.

Originally, the series was going to be Sister Gunter, Zombie Hunter, and it was going to be about a shotgun wielding nun who, when not tending to church matters, would be out killing zombies. In the course of mulling over story lines for the series, it slowly first evolved into a priest who hunted zombies, then finally a former priest who hunted demons.

It was going to be collections of short stories, but when I sat down to begin writing the first story, I quickly realized that it had to be more than short stories – they had to be complete books. Thus the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series was born.

I didn’t want to simply “make up” demons and their names, so from the beginning of the first book, I researched demons. so the one in any given book is correct as far as my research has shown me. For example, Malphas and Earl Raum really are (according to demonology) a prince and earl of hell respectively, as they are in the 2nd book of the series – “The Raven Flies at Night.”