Moss and Clay by Rebekah Jonesy

Moss and Clay (Mab's Doll #1)

Moss, clay, and blood–that’s how Gillian began. A doll, crafted and given a mission by Danu. Given life by human and Fae blood. First daughter of Mab, Queen of the Fae, Gillian must track down the rogue fae in the Americas and bring them back under Fae Law with only a volunteer kelpie to travel with her. And no one knows what they’re in for. Not even the gods that sent them.

About the Author

Rebekah Jonesy is a voracious reader who decided it was time she made her own contributions. Her books are contemporary romance and other forms of fantasy. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of all trades, and military spouse.