Review: The Prophecy by Victoria Simcox

The Prophecy (The Bernovem Chronicles Book 4)

The whole world of Bernovem is in chaos, thanks to Resucca and his followers.

Kristina and company start out at Finimus Island―no more romantic, orchid scented, and breezy but raging with typhoons.

Sentiz and her followers have given the citizens of the lands two choices―become Irguls or face a horrific death.

Haunted by the gruesome old hag and the serpent, as well as dealing with her own personal teenage dilemmas, Kristina continues her mission of saving the lands.
Get ready for a whirlwind of events to transpire as well as an ending that will change the course of everything in this grand finale of The Bernovem Chronicles.


The Prophecy is an excellent wrap-up to the Chronicles of Bernovem series. I’ve read every book, and this one was a good conclusion. While the final pages were not so much a surprise to me, there were some surprises along the way, and the author did a good job of bringing those unexpected moments before the reader. Of the series, the first book, The Warble, and this one are my favorites. The Prophecy had a lot more action, which is where my interests tend to gravitate.

All-in-all, this is an excellent story all around for the young and old alike. Plenty of all the elements many look for in such epic stories. Stories like this for the younger audiences are generally not what I read, but I found the series quite interesting and enjoyed the ride to this final conclusion, which did not disappoint in the least.

I recommend this book for the young at heart that love good, clean fantasy and adventure. I gave this book 4 stars rather than 5, only because it could have benefited with more editing. There were some noticeable grammatical errors, but the author’s gift of storytelling shines through and the errors did not take away my enjoyment of the story.


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