The Chronicles of Hir – First Era, Part 1

In the beginning, He was. He had always been. He would always be. He was in the beginning. He created the Twelve Spirits of Creation to assist Him and to perform His will. Through them He created the Crux of Creation, a spiritual realm of great peace and joy. He gave the Crux of Creation to the Spirits as their dwelling place.

The greatest of the Twelve Spirits of Creation was Narwyrm, a beautiful and gifted Spirit, in the form of a magnificent white dragon. Narwyrm was powerful among the Spirits and was their leader. There were also Ashera, the Spirit of the Lion; Odris, the Spirit of the Bear; Austri, the Spirit of the Wolf; Deja, the Spirit of the Owl; Baltro, the Spirit of the Eagle; Landir, the Spirit of the Deer; Tanlas, the Spirit of the Lizard; Tayon, the Spirit of the Raven; Sossian, the Spirit of the Snake; Arvax, the Spirit of the Shrew; and Valkrus, the Spirit of the Beetle. These were the twelve Spirits of Creation, and through them all things were created by the power of Him, who knows all things.

After the Crux of Creation was established, He set the Twelve Spirits on the task of creating the universe, filling the heavens with lights and clouds, and creating the world called Hir. In those days, there was only a singular, massive continent set into the vast sea. This new land was filled with trees and flowers of all kinds, and the seas were filled with every kind of sea-faring creature. The skies were filled with all manner of winged reptiles and fowl, and on the land were placed every kind of creature that walked or crawled upon the earth.

Thus was the world of Hir created, and populated with all manner of flora and fauna. Of all the animals that inhabited this new world, the most intelligent was the Dragon. When the Dragons were created, Narwyrm gave them a special spark of intelligence that transcended the other creatures and animals of Hir. This extra gift was quite subtle and was not given much significance at first, but in time this would prove to be the beginning of the fall for Narwyrm and those who followed him.

As time progressed in the First Era, it eventually happened that the Spirits mated with the mortal creatures in Hir, and a new breed of creature was born. These children of the Spirits were called the Mythica, and like their spiritual parents, they were immortal. They became very influential in Hir, natural leaders for the different species, but it was the Dragons who rose higher than the rest. Within a mere thousand years, the Dragons had begun to evolve their own language, and among them arose a great Dragon leader, Narvanth, the son of Narwyrm.

Like his father, Narvanth had a strong sense of pride and self-worth that Narwyrm encouraged and nourished, and through direct intervention by Narwyrm, Narvanth and the Dragons discovered a limitless source of power. This power came from within themselves, but could only be released by the use of an Arcane language, a language that tapped into the very forces and energy of creation itself. The Arcane tongue allowed the Dragons to channel this energy through the use of their own willpower, and by the end of the next millennia, the Dragons had mastered the Arcane Arts and grown in power and prestige throughout all of Hir.

It was at this time that the son of Ashera, Ramura, began to challenge the superiority of the Dragons, claiming that their advancement over the other creatures of Hir was not the will of He who had created them. Ashera and many of the Spirits agreed with this sentimentality, but a few Spirits took Narwyrm’s side in the debate. Ramura argued that all had been created equal, but Narvanth and the Dragons pressed their influence and power.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Narwyrm, emboldened by the power of the Dragons and the leadership of his son, Narvanth, grew in determination and declared himself as ruler of all of Hir, claiming the world was his with prideful boasting and rebellion against those who opposed him. Five of the original twelve Spirts of Creation took up his cause and sided with Narwyrm, all seeking power to rule over the other Spirits and the Mythica. Tayon, Sossian, Arvax and Valkrus all joined Narwyrm’s cause, as did their Mythica offspring.

This rebellion brought forth the anger of He who knew all things, and by his wrath was Narwyrm forever changed into a dark and foul beast, a black and corrupted version of the dragon he had been. The creator of all things created a new place, a place in between the spiritual realm and the physical world, a place of darkness, the World Between Worlds, the realm of shadows. Into this realm he cast Narwyrm and his fellow Spirits, removing them forever from the Crux of Creation, leaving only seven Spirits who remained loyal to He who knows all things.

He also declared that the Spirits would no longer be allowed to interact directly with the physical world, the world of Hir, allowing them only to appear in dreams and visions of those who lived in Hir. He also declared that the Mythica were no longer immortal, though they would not age or perish from age. Thus, the Mythica, on both sides of the conflict, were cut off from direct interaction with their Spirit parents, and now had only dreams and visions to guide them.

So it was that the world of Hir, only two thousand years after creation, became a world of conflict and strife, a battleground for the forces of good and evil. Narwyrm’s dark influence pushed Narvanth and the Mythica that followed him, as well as the entire population of Dragons, to begin a campaign of conquest, to subjugate the creatures of Hir under their rule. While the Seven Spirits of Creation used their influence to counteract the growing evil, encouraging Ramura and other Mythica, to stand against the growing darkness of Narvanth and the Dragons. The Great Mythica War had begun.

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