The Wicked Witch Anthology by Judy and Keith

The Wicked Witch Anthology

The Wicked Witch is up to mischief…again! This collection of five short stories explores Fairyland. You’ll follow the ongoing saga between the Good Fairy and her nemesis, the Wicked Witch, and get introduced to the Treasure Fairy. They’re perfect for bedtime reading.

About the Authors

Judy and Keith write children’s stories. Each story tries to emphasize a moral and has to pass the acid test, would they be happy for their own grandchildren to read it.

They were both born near Tamworth in the UK, met at high school, and have now been married for over forty years. Judy initially followed a medical career as a radiographer and ultrasound technician and in her spare time gave piano lessons. Keith followed a career first as an electronic engineer and later as a program manager.

In the mid-eighties, they relocated to Los Angeles, where they now live in the South Bay. Keith is semiretired and Judy changed her profession to cosmetologist, which she still does part-time.
They have two children and two grandsons.

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