Zephyra by Andrea B. Lamoureux

Zephyra (The Elemental Diaries #1)

A royal fire elemental. The mysterious man she can’t figure out. And a mad king with a dark plan.

Bullied as a child and never able to live up to her mother’s expectations, it’s no wonder Zephyra longs to leave her royal life at court behind.

When she has to do just that in order to protect her cousin, the queen, she quickly finds out how dangerous life beyond the palace walls is. And there is more than one threat to the kingdom.
After being thrown in harms way, Zephyra’s destiny becomes entangled with a mysterious stranger’s who harbours secrets of his own.

Can she learn to trust him and master the fire within her before their world is shrouded in darkness?

Perfect for fans of books like Throne of Glass and Queen of the Tearling.

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About the Author

Andrea B. Lamoureux grew up in the country in BC, Canada and now lives in the city in Alberta with her husband and two brats (oops she meant cats!). She mainly reads and writes fantasy and prefers books with some sort of romantic element to them. Aside from writing, she enjoys horseback riding, listening to music and drinking wine with friends. She is currently focusing on publishing her Elemental Diaries series, which is about four different elementals with four different stories to tell that will all be connected.

She hopes to bring her readers a temporary escape from reality.

Connect with Andrea B. Lamoureux:
Website: https://andreablamoureux.com/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Andrea-B-Lamoureux/e/B076GV3486/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndreaBLamoureux/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AB_Lamoureux