Book Review: The Rise of Nazil by Aaron-Michael Hall

The Rise of Nazil: Book 1

Diverse Epic Fantasy with a GrimDark EDGE!

Haunted by his past. Trapped by his heritage. Led by his heart.

Faélondul is destined for war. A world ruled by Nazilians and their indomitable Chosen Guard, led by Pentanimir Benoist: a battle-seasoned warrior driven by honor and devoted to his people.

When his ruler, Draizeyn Vereux, plots to exterminate the humans, Pentanimir’s life is thrust into a vortex of unspeakable conflict. Haunted by ghosts of his past, Pentanimir struggles to honor his vows while retaining his soul.

His forbidden love for Brahanu, a human, is the catalyst for this war. Betrayed by his allies, bound by his honor, and led by his heart, Pentanimir leads a battle for the whole of Faélondul: a battle that resurrects an ancient threat that can consume both Nazilian and human.

What victory can you claim when the enemy you must defeat lies within you?

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My Review (5 Stars)

The Rise of Nazil is an interesting and well-written tale. The author’s ability to create memorable and emotional characters stands out throughout. The language of the dialogue seems perhaps odd to some at first, but as you get to know the world of Faelondul, the dialogue blends in well, providing a unique world with a language all its own.

While the story is a long one, and starts with much drama and romance, laying out the world and making the reader familiar with how things are, it eventually begins to unfold at a fast pace, and I have to say the last several chapters were extremely engaging for me, as I’m more prone to action. Still, the long read was worth it.

There is a warning that this book is for adults, and not children, and that is good to know before you read. There are some very graphic and detailed elements of torture and sexual content, though this is most definitely not erotica. It is not for children, and not for the squeamish.

That said, however, the book is written well and the story I found fantastic. Though this is the first book in a series, it had a satisfying conclusion that left me in many ways relieved and excited with the outcome. I am looking forward to reading the other books.

About the Author

Aaron-Michael Hall is an award-winning author who enjoys writing diverse epic fantasy with an edge, and science fantasy romance. The debut novel, The Rise of Nazil is a Readers’ Favorite award winner (2017), and has won numerous reader awards.

Aaron-Michael created the Mehlonii language for the diverse Epic Fantasy Nazil series. Along with intriguing characters, multilayered plots, new species, deities, and creatures, the Mehlonii language adds that fantastical element missing from most modern epic fantasy. You can listen to samples of the spoken Mehlonii language on the website’s Mehlonii page.

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