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Here you can browse my published books, as well as find out what other stories I’ve written and what I’m working on. For available books, you will find buttons that will lead you to where they can be purchased. At present, I have 4 published novels, and will be releasing two more for 2018.

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The Rangers of Laerean are the protectors of the people, the heroes of Hir. Their exploits are legendary and their great deeds recounted in tales across the ages. These are the stories that will be told for generations.

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Dragonblood Throne Title
Now hunted by the dark sorcerer who murdered her father, usurped his throne, and killed all her kin, she must find out how she can release the essence of the dragon inside her to defeat him. Everything depends upon her willingness to embrace her legacy and reclaim the Dragon Throne.

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A divided world. A corrupt ruler. A forbidden rite. As Herid slaughters innocents to build his army, Tinshu must choose to accept what he’s rejected his entire life. A new family, a new faith, and a new found courage in not only himself, but also the whole of mankind. Who will prevail when the enemy you must first defeat lives within you?

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Three tales of people looking inside and learning more about themselves. Each story is a lesson learned, and a proverb about how we can improve who we are, learning to not be judgemental, to find faith, or to forgive things in the past. Follow the mind of Tom Fallwell as he takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

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