Coming in 2018! A new novel from the minds of Tom Fallwell and the superlative fantasy author, Aaron-Micahel Hall.


Across the Abysm

Tamesa is a divided world surrounded by the Mists of Entropy. The continent, once united, is separated by an abysm caused by a devastating cataclysm a century past. The Kingdom of Mogaryn lies to the west, and the kingdom of Dahomey, and former capital, lies to the east.

The story of Tamesa entails several characters: the two main protagonists being Tinshu Egraven and A'rehn Kassan. Tinshu lives in Mogaryn, a kingdom ruled by the despotic Imperator, Herid Mhau, and the corrupt Ecumenic Order. Mogaryn is mostly an impoverished state, where the people are downtrodden, and struggle to survive the excesses of their ruler.

A'rehn is from Dahomey, ruled by Imperator Njeri and the Sotükan Brotherhood. A'rehn lives in Tymbril Woodlands with her adopted father, Ishmael, and her brother Darweshi. Ishmael is a warden, protecting both Tymbril and his adopted children. Since her birth, he’s been preparing A’rehn for a journey only she can undertake.

Tamesa is a story of adventure, love, retribution, and a clash of cultures, with phenomenal, fantastical creatures and an interwoven plot, connecting both east and west in unfathomable ways. In order to reunite their worlds, A’rehn and Tinshu must first overcome their pasts and embrace their futures.

When Herid implements his plans to conquer both worlds, will Tamesa be destroyed or reunited?

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