About the Series

Dragonblood Throne: Legacy is only the first book of two planned novels. There will be a second book, as yet unamed, that will continue the story of Delina and Merric in Almar. Also, I plan to write a short story prequel about the origin of the dragonblood race. For now, I have other projects I'm working on, but this series will continue in the future.

Dragonblood Throne: Legacy (Book #1)

Orphaned as a young child and growing up alone in the forest, Delina lives a life of isolation; her only companion a saber-toothed panther. Her strange eyes frighten those she occasionally encounters, so she keeps to herself, until a young, wounded warrior ends up at her doorstep. As she nurses him back to health, she discovers she is more than just a young woman with unusual eyes, she is a dragonblood, destined to become the ruler of Almar.

Now hunted by the dark sorcerer who murdered her father, usurped his throne, and killed all her kin, she must find out how she can release the essence of the dragon inside her to defeat him. Everything depends upon her willingness to embrace her legacy and reclaim the Dragon Throne.

Map of Almar