Death Cloud Kickstarter

Death Cloud: An Epic Fantasy Novel from R.J. Batla

I recently learned that a fellow author, whom I have great admiration for, is working on a new book and has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs of producing and marketing the book. As many know, being a self-published author (an Indie) is not free. There are costs involved, monetary costs, and not just the time involved for writing the story. Some of the costs are editing, cover design, proof-reading, and more, and such costs can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars, not to mention marketing, which is even more. So a Kickstarter is a viable way for an Indie author, like R.J. Batla, and myself, to garner the funds needed to produce a book with the quality expected in today’s competitive market. So, without further elaboration, allow me to present to you the Kickstarter for R.J. Batla’s upcoming book, Death Cloud. Check out his Kickstater page and review the rewards. I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Help support his efforts.

Visit the Kickstarter Page for Death Cloud


About R.J. Batla

R.J. Batla is a fantasy author and fan of the genre. He’s working on series in both epic and urban fantasy, and likes to write fast paced books that take the reader on an adventure that they can see in their mind. His books reflect influences from novels, comic books, manga, and other cartoons/media, and he joys in blending in these elements in his books.

Author, Christian, Husband, and Father, R.J. Batla enjoys everything outdoors and takes as much time as he can with his family. When he’s not writing, you’ll find him outside (thinking about writing), working out (and thinking about writing) or various other places (all while thinking about writing).