Interesting Facts #1

The main character in my Rangers of Laerean series, Baric, was a character that was created way back in the late 1980s by my brother and myself for a black & white comic book called Dark Regions. Baric, and his companion characters Jagg (a dwarf) and Sylver (an elf), have all been with me ever since. I have created them as characters in many role-playing games throughout the years, but of them all, Baric became my favorite.

So, when I decided to write my second novel, I realized I wanted to create a world for Baric, who was always in my mind as a Ranger. Proficient with bow and bastard sword, Baric was a larger than life hero, a man who would stubbornly do the right thing, regardless of what it cost him. To that end, I create the world of Hir, and wrote the story for Baric.

Interestingly enough, the 3 issues of Dark Regions that saw print are still available at comic stores. You can read of bit more about them on my Amazon author page.

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