Interesting Facts #2

Dragonblood Throne: Legacy is my fourth fantasy novel, but in actuality, it was the first. Originally published in December of 2014 as Dragon Rising, the story of Delina hasn’t changed much, but in 2017 I completely re-wrote the manuscript with some major editing, and re-published the story as Dragonblood Throne: Legacy. The reason for that was that in the course of writing my Rangers of Laerean series, I truly developed my own style of writing, a style that did not really exist when I wrote my first novel.

What is interesting is how this story evolved and came about. Originally, the idea came from my creation of a character for the game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Using the many fan-created mods for the game, I created a character with green dragon-eyes and pointed ears. As I created the character to play the game, a scene evolved in my imagination. Like the opening scene of a movie, when the credits are rolling. A good friend, Jeri, encouraged me to make a novel from that, so I sat down and started writing the scene that had been in my mind for years.

It\s funny to me how the story just seemed to take over, directing me, rather than me writing the story. Before I finished what I envisioned for that opening scene, more and more was flooding into my mind, and the story evolved in a short period of time. Within weeks I had a full novel written. The story of Delina had been fully conceived and published. Even so, I was not a good writer then, making many mistakes and not having fully developed my…muse, if you will. Yet, the character and abilities of Delina had been set. She was super-human in her abilities, yet had a compassionate heart.

Today, Delina has joined the ranks of my favorite characters, and I’m not finished with her. There will be a sequel to Legacy, and even a short story prequel that tells the story of how the dragonbloods originated. The short story will likely be out before the sequel. At any rate, you haven’t seen the last of Delina. She will be back.

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