Interesting Facts #3

The World of Hir

I’ve been asked many times what was the inspiration for the world I created for the Rangers of Laerean series. It was not some epiphany moment, or some light bulb that suddenly went off above my head. It was, in fact, simply a matter of slow, meticulous creation. Inspired by such worlds as Middle Earth, the Hyborean Age, and others, I made the decision to create a world filled with rich lore and history as a setting for my planned series. While I didn’t realize I would be writing a trilogy to start with, I did always plan to write many stories based in this world. My own fantasy world for tales and adventures of all kinds. It all began with a software program I purchased, called Fractal Mapper.

Using the software, I probably created several continents until I drew the one shown here. So, at this point all I had was a shape, a single land mass surrounded by water. I had my scale set, so it was a large continent, roughly about the size of the United States of America. I then started adding terrain: trees, mountains, seas, rivers, etc. What was interesting is that when I created the inland sea, it was larger in size, according to scale, than I’d originally anticipated. It was at this time my muse decided to grant me some inspiration, and the Nilsora Escarpment, the Great Dispruption, the Great Divide, Mount Scorch, and the five regions sort of just flooded into my mind, and the Lands of Hir was officially born.

From the Frozen Sea in the north, to the tropical Southern Currents in the south, Hir stretches over three thousand miles, and approximately the same distance from east to west. It is a large continent, and travel takes time, which I meticulously researched and made believable. In the first book, A Whisper in the Shadows, it takes Baric and Whisper a full two months travel, by horse and ship, to travel from Laerean in Elsu to Abion in Vaar’da. This is my main reason for showing a date at the beginning of each section in my books.

The stories in my books are set well into the Fourth Era of Hir. As I wrote these first three novels, a history unfolded that now encompasses all three of the previous Eras. These I am writing about in my Chronicles of Hir series, which will be posted here on my website, for reading by Members Only. Keep checking my site, Facebook, and Twitter for more news about this in the very near future. Meanwhile, I do hope you will read The Shadow of Narwyrm Trilogy: A Whisper in the Shadows, Where Shadows Fall, and The Shadow of Narwyrm. This trilogy is an epic adventure that also introduces readers to my imagined world.