Orbs of Trenihgea by Newland Moon

Take some science-fiction and a little fantasy, add to it proper proportions of action, mystery, intrigue and romance, and blend well. What you get is this book, Orbs of Trenihgea, a truly great science-fantasy novel by Newland Moon. There’s enough detailed science to please any scifi fan, and the touch of fantasy just makes it even more interesting. I really enjoyed reading this book.

As the sequel to The Rites of Heirdron, this wrapped up the story very nicely, and I was very satisfied with how it all played out. Not that I was able to guess all the twists and turns, but I was not left with any disappointments. In some ways, the intrigue and manipulations reminded me a lot of Frank Herbert’s Dune, though not on as grand a scale. Still, this was a great read and well worth my time.

There were comedic moments interspersed with the drama, and not over or under done. It was difficult to put down, and I was drawn along in the story. I cared for the characters, which were developed expertly and allowed the reader to get to know them.

I could go on and on, as this was a definite must-read story. I highly recommend both books in this dualogy. A well-earned 5 stars.

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