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Revelations of the Soul

Revelations of the Soul (Anthology)

Three tales of people looking inside and learning more about themselves. Each story is a lesson learned, and a proverb about how we can improve who we are, learning to not be judgemental, to find faith, or to forgive things in the past. Follow the mind of Tom Fallwell as he takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

First Impressions – You can’t judge a book by its cover, because when you make assumptions without full knowledge, they can come back and bite you. That’s the lesson in this appropriate tale about a simple man named Jebediah Harper. Most would call him a hillbilly, but Jeb is far more than he appears, as one man learns in this little story about First Impressions.

A Strong Tower – They say that God works in mysterious ways. In this mysterious, romantic tale, Paul Darvin learns that not everything can be figured out logically. When he awakens in an enigmatic tower, the mystery deepens with each passing moment, teaching Paul that God is indeed A Strong Tower.

Knightmares – Art awakens far too often from a nightmare in which he is a knight in armor, fighting another knight. Each time the dream is the same, and each time he and the other knight kill each other. The dream seems far to real, and is causing real health issues for Art. He checks into the Camden Sleep Research Center to find the cause of his recurring Knightmares.

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