Sight and Sound by Matt Cole

Sight and Sound

Jacob O’Brien won the VRD Gaming World Championship today. It’s been his lifetime goal.

Enhancing his personal VRD goggles beyond what the best geeks have produced. The goggles gave him more than he counted on. An accident caused Jacob the ability to see “others” beyond the dimensional “veil”.
Jacob gains an unlikely partner, Sam, who can hear the “others. Sam has heard the “others” his whole life. His spirit friend Ryan guided him from birth.

Jacob’s sister, Rachel, just wishes it all to go away while battling her demons and an unlikely ally named Lanie joins the group. The four learn of a war going on since creation, and they are now part of it.

They have to work together to stay alive and decide how they can help win this “war.” Losing is not an option. If lost, the world will belong to the ‘others”.

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Matt Cole currently lives in Oklahoma. He is a father of two great kids and married nearly 25 years. When not working, he attempts to share knowledge/content through stories, books and articles.

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