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The Kingdom of Almar

The Kingdom of Almar is the setting for the novel, Dragonblood Throne: Legacy. Almar is a land that once was controlled by several dark sorcerers and necromancers, who enslaved the people of the land and battled each other for domination. It was into this land that a group of beings known as dragonblood came and in their compassion for the people, they warred against the black magicians and eventually freed the land from their influence. Thus, the Kingdom of Almar was born and Jeraldin, the mightiest of the dragonblood, became its King.

For five hundred years, Jeraldin ruled with a just hand, and the citizens of Almar knew peace and prosperity. But alas, it was not to last. Once more a dark sorcerer arose whose power was greater than all who had been before him, and one-by-one, he killed the dragonblood and usurped the Dragon Throne of Almar. Yet, before he died, Jeraldin set in place the necessary events that would again, one day, bring forth a dragonblood who could challenge the evil sorcerer, Kargoth, and reclaim the Dragon Throne.

This is where the story of Dragonblood Throne: Legacy begins. Kargoth has ruled with an iron hand for twenty years, but the prophecy Jeraldin left is about to be fulfilled (see video below).

Almar is a world where the people have come to shun magic of any kind, and to fear anyone who may use magic. All that oppose Kargoth have gone into hiding, struggling to survive in the hopes the prophecy will come to pass. According to that prophecy, a dragonblood will arise when the twin moons, Sianor and Tibel, eclipse.

The main character is Delina, an orphan who quickly discovers she is the dragonblood of the prophecy, and helping her on her quest to learn about her legacy is a young human warrior, Merric. Delina is also accompanied by her lifelong companions, Morlok, a shadowfang (large saber-toothed panther).

Below you will also find the Prologue to the novel, a small teaser for those who have not read it yet, and a map of the Kingdom of Almar. This was the first fantasy world I created, and while it is not very large, I did put in a lot of detail. It was a great learning experience as well.

Until next time, thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment. I love feedback from readers.

Excerpt from Dragonblood Throne: Legacy


Jeraldin stumbled, his legs losing strength in the deep snow, as he tried to make it through the howling blizzard to the darkened cave opening in the rocks ahead. His extremities were numbed by the cold and his face nearly frozen, as he pulled his heavy fur cloak tightly around him. He tried to keep the wind from his eyes as he moved with halting steps, having to raise each foot high enough to clear the two-foot snowdrifts that hindered his advance.

After an interminable time trudging through the storm, he finally stumbled out of the snow and into the cave, almost falling to his knees with exhaustion. Leaning heavily against the wall, catching his breath, he rubbed his legs and arms to restore the circulation. His feet tingled with needling pain as he tried to keep his balance, barely able to feel or even move his toes.

After resting a few moments, he drag-stepped further into the stone cavity embedded in the rock where he’d left a pile of dry wood he’d gathered earlier. Concentrating for a few seconds, with his hands upon the wood, smoke soon appeared as the heat he called forth started the logs burning.

Rubbing his hands together, he knelt closer to the fire and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. After several minutes, he began to feel the acute tingling in his extremities that let him know blood was once again flowing through them. He was fully aware that he didn’t have much time. They would soon be coming for him. He’d set things in motion for the future and all was prepared.

His thoughts roamed over the past few months, remembering how he had come to be where he now was. He recalled the death of his wife, how he’d found her beheaded in their bedchamber at the Dragon Throne, and a sharp prick of heartache pierced him. His mind could still vividly see blood covering the bed and floor, the shock in the lifeless eyes of his beloved, her severed head lying upon the pillows.

His children were the next to fall, his son and daughters, each murdered and taken from him. The memory of the deaths of each of his dragonblood brethren, how they’d been slaughtered, one after another, rushed through his mind. He was the last. The last of the dragonbloods. The last of the royal line.

For five hundred years, he’d ruled Almar with a just hand. Five hundred years of peace and prosperity. Five hundred years since he and his siblings conquered the dark sorcerers and necromancers dominating the people of this land, oppressing them with their black magic and tyranny.

He’d thought those dark agents of the black arts eradicated, at least from Almar. Yet, another of the corrupt magicians had somehow emerged, weaving his depraved and foul magic to enthrall the minds of others and kill all who would oppose him. He’d managed to kill every single dragonblood in the kingdom, except for Jeraldin.

If only they had seen what was happening sooner, but by the time they realized the agent behind the murders of their kin—of his family—it was already too late. The foul magician’s army had grown too large, and many of their Dragonknights had already fallen.

It had been left to him to ensure this minister of death would not be able to endure, and he insured all would be ready. In time, another dragonblood would arise to challenge the dark lord. Even so, there was still the matter of his final confrontation, a fight that Jeraldin knew he couldn’t win, not on his own. But he was alone now. His time had come.

The evil stench of darkness assailed his nostrils, letting him know that his adversaries were near. The foul odor of their evil permeated even the howling winds of the storm outside. Rising to his feet, he dropped his cloak to the stone floor as he prepared for his final stand against the darkness that had claimed his kingdom.

Closing his eyes in concentration, Jeraldin’s body became engulfed by a pure, white light, glowing brighter and brighter until he became hidden within the cocoon of brilliant illumination. Seconds later, as the light faded, Jeraldin the man was gone, replaced by a magnificent and powerful black dragon, filling the monstrous cavern with his formidable presence. Jeraldin, the dragon, felt the fires churn inside him, as scores of black-clad soldiers charged into his sanctuary, weapons drawn, shouting threats of violence.

With an ear-slitting roar of defiance, Jeraldin raised his great, horned head high and released an inferno of orange-red flames, breathing a final act of desperation against the blackguard minions of the man who’d killed his wife and children. Eager now to join them in the great beyond, Jeraldin readied himself for the death he now welcomed.