The Thousand Scars by Michael R. Baker

The Thousand Scars (Counterbalance #1)

The greatest war since the time of ancient Chaos has reached the Balian Empire. Within the Balian council, a rogue faction unleashes an unthinkable dark magic to defeat its enemies. As the Empire loses ground, disgraced scholar and exile Tyrone Cessil is forced to go on the run. His only chance is with a band of cutthroat mercenaries, the Thousand Scars. Tyrone’s new commander is the notorious and hated Necromancer, Tyir of Irene.

Life with the Scars is hard, but Tyrone believes the Necromancer can stop the Empire’s forbidden sorcery. Tyir leads the Scars on a campaign of bloody vengeance, and they commit acts of horrific brutality, leading Tyrone to question the price he is willing to pay to survive. The Thousand Scars will bleed the world. And they will save it.

The Thousand Scars (Counterbalance) (Volume 1)
by Michael R. Baker (Nordland Publishing, December 7, 2017)
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What is Counterbalance?

Counterbalance tells the brutal story of a land in turmoil, as two desperate superpowers battle for survival in a war of terror and clashes of morality. A complex series, it involves bloody battles and sieges, vengeful necromancers, rampant mercenary companies, a young man desperately searching for a new home, and powerful conspiracies.

For good or evil, The Thousand Scars shall bleed the world…and they will save it. Or will they? The first book of the series is available now, the opening book of this epic fantasy series.

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About the Author

Michael R. Baker studied history at University of Sunderland, and at last he found a use for his degree. The idea for Counterbalance came off the back of an exhausting bus journey, ironically starting an even longer voyage into writing and publishing fantasy. Alongside his passion for storytelling and worldbuilding, Michael is an avid video gamer and cartographer, bringing his fantasy world and others from the mind onto paper reality. The Thousand Scars is Michael’s debut novel, and the first of the epic fantasy series.

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