Traitor’s Ring by Susan Stuckey

Traitor’s Ring: Tales of Aldura
by Susan Stuckey

A war-torn kingdom.
A recent widow cast out by her step-children and left a pauper.
An offer too good to pass up.

Lady Kari Farley faces a bleak future, indeed, at least until a former lover offers her a future of riches and independence. The price is aiding the enemy invaders identify and capture a Guardian—someone who can wield the magic of the Twin Gods. Assured that the Guardian won’t be killed, and that if she succeeds, the lives of others will be saved, she accepts.

When her former lover’s deceptions are revealed, Kari will have to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

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About the Author

My hair is gray and I don’t walk as fast as I once did. The right words aren’t always at the tip of my tongue, or the front of my memory any longer. It’s true, my spouse now sails through the skies of the garden of paradise, while our youngling flies through the world on his own wings.

Dusk may hover on my horizon–creeping closer and closer, but don’t be sad for my being alone, and for my boring life. I have done all the normal things, but along the way I’ve had some amazing adventures. More than many others will experience in their entire lifetime.

I’ve mind-spoken with the rare Stormhawks that live in the Derind and Cappelstoke Mountains

I’ve fought battles and lost, fought others and won.

I’ve made wicked-hard choices that broke my heart, but were necessary to protect other people, and sometimes I died because of my choices.

I’ve marched at the side of a twelve-year-old boy who stopped an enemy army, and cried with him over the losses he suffered in the deaths of family and friends.

I’ve ridden the dragon, Stormwing, and sailed upon his back, listening to the whoosh of his powerful blue wings as he navigated the updrafts and downdrafts above Dragontop Mountain. And have experienced his thrill as he swooped and climbed, and danced upon the air. And I’ve sat upon the dragon, Asha, and raised the Sword of Isyndral in challenge to the Dark God.

I’ve braved crossing the Barrier Wall to visit the Eld Forest, and almost lost my own identity while melding with the ancient trees that live there.

I’ve stared into the scrying pool at Araels Rest, and witnessed the past and the future.

I’ve run the forests of Alarel with a pack of Black Wolves, and crossed the land on the back of the legendary Njae horses.

Those are just a few, and truly, they have just begun.

Besides playing in fantasy worlds and/or historical times, Susan dabbles in various hobbies, loves to try new recipes, and is the servant of multiple fur-children (both feline and canine).

Twitter: https://www.twutter,com/SusanStuckey3

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