Wolf’s Destiny: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Wolf’s Destiny: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Complete Books 1-6
by Lynn Nodima

Janelle Hynson is running for her life.

All Janelle wants is to graduate from college, get back to her pack, and find her mate, but werepanthers are hunting her.
She escapes to San Antonio, where the werepanthers find her. Out of options, she jumps into vacationing SAPD Detective Nate Rollins’ car.
Little does he know his old life is over.
Now, he must protect them both from creatures he never knew existed.
But things are not as they seem.
Nate has a secret even he doesn’t know. A secret that throws them both into more danger.
His old life is gone.
Can he survive his new one?

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About the Author

Lynn Nodima learned to love telling stories from her tall-tale telling grandfather, her story-spinning father, and her mother’s round-robin storytelling games. Spinning yarns is in her blood, and she happily continues the family tradition.

The main difference is that Lynn writes her stories down to share with people she will never meet. Lynn writes paranormal romances/adventures, fantasy, and science fiction. Lynn Nodima is a pen name for Linda Pogue. Using her own name, she writes non-fiction, which includes textbooks and books for writers.

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Lynn’s books do not contain profanity or details of sex and would be safe for young teens to read.